"Where The Light Ends" Album Review

Raw, real and powerful describes the sounds of Bradford Loomis. Where The Light Ends is an album full of songs that will bring you into a world of music that is missing in today’s music scene.

Bradford Loomis brings a rough and smooth voice into one, if that makes sense at all? His voice along with this well produced album are perfectly blended to produce the unique “Loomis Sound”.

Where The Light Ends has twelve tracks that are all distinctly different, but the “Loomis Sound” exist in all of them. It is extremely nice to listen to an album that has a song for everyone. We found the songwriting to be spot on and it will leave you wanting the song to never end.

All of the tracks hold their own and it was difficult to pick just one as our favorite. With that being said we are picking three tracks that are on the top of our list. Evangeline, Stories and Righteous Kind are all different, but so amazing. Evangeline is a bit of an old throwback to a smooth song that you might hear in a cool Blues club. Righteous Kind brings an upbeat tempo song that makes you feel alive and ready to take on the world. Stories is a song that absolutely tells a story of real life pain, mistakes, faith, memories and more. All three of these tracks are unique in that they feature great song writing, powerful vocals and perfect production.

This Bradford Loomis album is full of raw feelings intertwined with amazing music and writing. At the end of this album it left us wanting more of the “Loomis Sound”.

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